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Affordable Circumcision Surgery in Mumbai

New studies and cultural shifts have encouraged us to take a deeper look at the practice of circumcision in recent decades. Dedicated to providing hassle-free laser circumcision surgery at the best facilities with individualised care, Aapkacare Health is a patient-centered, technology-driven healthcare service provider. Meet with Aapkacare Health’s skilled surgeons and opt for a highly advanced circumcision surgery at affordable rates.

About Circumcision

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What is Circumcision (Sunnath)?

The procedure known as circumcision (Sunnath) involves removing the extra foreskin – the skin that encircles the penis’s pointed end from the tip of the penis. The foreskin is fully fused to the penis at the time of birth. As the foreskin gradually separates from the penis’s head, it becomes detachable. Despite being an old process, circumcision is carried out today with the help of contemporary technologies. Any male can have his foreskin cut off for medical reasons, family customs, personal hygiene, cosmetic appeal, and more.

Identify the Signs of Hernia

Inability to pull the foreskin back

The foreskin is trapped behind the glans

Painful and swollen penis

Not being able to clean under the foreskin

Infections of the foreskin

Understand the Benefits of Circumcision

Circumcision is one of the most common surgeries among males. Around 33% of men globally are circumcised. Circumcision is usually done as a correctional surgery for a non-retractable foreskin. While it has a host of benefits, it does not offer immunity against HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases which is a myth.

Enhanced hygiene

Reduced risk of urinary tract infections

Protection against discomfort and infection

Circumcision Can Treat Several Conditions


Phimosis occurs among uncircumcised males where the foreskin of the penis can be pulled back behind the head of the penis but cannot be forced back into place resulting in a lack of blood supply to the penis.


Paraphimosis is a condition where the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis.Paraphimosis only occurs in children and adults who aren’ t circumcised and result in soreness or pain, swelling and discoloration at the head of the penis.


Glans inflammation or balanitis is pain and inflammation(swelling and irritation) of the glans(head) of the penis that occurs most often among uncircumcised males.


Foreskin inflammation(balanoposthitis) is inflammation of the head of your penis and foreskin.Its causes include poor hygiene, bacterial and fungal infections, allergies, STDs, and STIs.Some of the symptoms include pain, swelling, and discoloration.

Our Experts Explain

Benefits of Laser Treatment

Types of circumcision surgery in Mumbai

Our organization, Aapkacare Health is committed to providing hassle – free laser circumcision surgery(Sunnath) in the best facilities with individualized care. It is a patient – centered, technology – driven healthcare service provider. Consult our skilled urology surgeons to choose a stress – free, cost – effective, highly advanced circumcision surgery technique before it worsens.

Laser Circumcision Surgery

This is a cutting – edge, minimally invasive circumcision method.During a laser circumcision surgery, the surgeon uses a laser device to cut the skin.With little pain or tissue damage, the laser energy released by the laser equipment accurately slices the foreskin.Minimal bleeding occurs during circumcision, and the patient ‘s recovery is anticipated to be quicker with little pain or discomfort.There are no follow – up appointments or dressings required after a laser circumcision.After being discharged from the hospital, the patient can resume his normal life after a few hours of rest, usually on the same day of circumcision surgery.Heavy exercise and sexual activities need to be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks following the laser circumcision surgery.

Stapler Circumcision Surgery

In a stapler circumcision surgery or ZSR circumcision, the foreskin is severed with a stapler device.Third – generation ZSR devices are commonly used to carry out the operation.The foreskin is removed in one motion during the circumcision using a stapler or a ZSR circumcision tool.After the procedure, the stapling device leaves a silicon ring behind that naturally disappears after a few days.The silicone ring ‘s function is to preserve the intact state of the foreskin ‘s cut layers until they heal. After a few days, the silicon ring will naturally fall off by itself without hurting or harming the foreskin.

Conventional or Traditional Circumcision Surgery

A blade or surgical knife is used as the cutting instrument during traditional circumcision or sunnath procedures.The likelihood of bleeding and complications is higher and the success rate is lower compared to other less invasive circumcision procedures.Circumcision surgeons frequently use this technique when other options aren ‘t available. Open circumcision requires more post – operative care and requires a longer healing time.

Circumcision for newborn babies


What happens during the procedure:

The surgery is frequently performed on newborns by experienced surgeons, usually within 10 days of birth.

  • Your son will be placed on his back, limbs bound, for infant circumcision.
  • A cream or injection of anaesthesia will be administered to the penis after the area around it and the penis has been thoroughly cleaned.

    The foreskin will be removed, and a suture will be applied.

  • The penis will next be slathered in an ointment, such as topical antibiotic, and loosely be wrapped in gauze.
  • The process usually lasts for 10 minutes.

What happens after the procedure:

  • The penis normally heals in seven to ten days.
  • The penis may first feel sensitive at the tip and may appear red, swollen, or bruised. Sometimes, a small amount of yellow fluid can be found at the tip of the penis.
  • Hold your baby gently if he becomes fussy as the anaesthetic wears off, taking care not to press on the penis.
  • As the penis recovers, washing it is acceptable.
  • Every six hours, change the diaper of a newborn. To prevent the tip of the penis from sticking to the diaper, dab it with antibacterial talc and make sure the diaper is loosely secured.
How to maintain the uncircumcised penis of children
Many parents have multiple doubts about circumcision and the traditional way of getting circumcised at an early age.The doubts are related to the time taken to foreskin retraction and if there are any complications with getting circumcised at an earlier age.You need to keep certain things in mind if you do not want to go for circumcision for your son.

Your son ‘s foreskin will gradually separate from the penis tip during the first few years.Although uncommon, some foreskins do split shortly after or even before birth.Every child has a distinct time when it occurs.It can take a couple of weeks, months, or even years.
When this occurs, the foreskin can be pulled back and away from the penis ‘s tip. This is known as foreskin retraction.
The majority of boys can retract their foreskins by the time they are 5 years old, but some cannot until they are teenagers.
A boy will most likely learn how to retract his own foreskin as he grows more conscious of his body. However, foreskin retraction must never be compelled.Do not attempt to draw the foreskin back until it has completely separated.The foreskin can tear, bleed, and one can experience extreme pain if it is forced to retract before it is ready.

Cleanliness habits to be followed:
An occasional retraction followed by washing beneath will work if your son ‘s foreskin splits before puberty. Once your kid enters puberty, he should include the habit of cleaning under his foreskin in his daily regimen, along with brushing his teeth and washing his hair.

Three steps to be followed as daily routine are:
Step 1: Removing the foreskin from the penis’s tip by gently pulling it back.
Step 2: Washing the foreskin’s underside with warm water and soap.
Step 3: Repositioning the foreskin so it touches the penis.
Circumcision facts you should know
For health reasons, circumcision of newborn males is recommended.But for the majority, it does not become significant until early adulthood.It is ideal to let parents or the child(when he is older) make the decision about becoming circumcised.Parents who want to learn more about the advantages and risks should consult a doctor.Contrary to popular belief, circumcision has no impact on a man ‘s fertility, and the few studies that have been done on how it impacts sexual satisfaction have produced conflicting results.Some trusted sources discovered no effect, while others observed a stronger response.
Cost of Circumcision Surgery or Sunnath

Considering the following points, the price of sunnath or circumcision surgery may differ from one person to another –


  • The patient ‘s state of health
  • The hospital type
  • Fee of medical consultation
  • Post – operative complications
  • Patient ‘s age and the type of surgery
  • Any laboratory testing or assessment tests
  • Admission fee

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To consult our skilled surgeons for any problems or to undergo Circumcision surgery, visit the nearest Circumcision hospital in Mumbai with Aapkacare Health. You can also schedule an online appointment and speak with the doctor live on video. Make an appointment at Aapkacare Health to speak with the top General surgeons in Mumbai. The Mumbai Aapkacare Health multi-speciality hospital for Circumcision are sanitised, COVID-safe, and well-equipped. Book an appointment for the most advanced laparo Circumcision procedure in Mumbai.

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Are you worried about the cost of circumcision treatment?

Aapkacare Health finds you the most affordable prices for your circumcision in Mumbai. Even so, the exact cost is hard to pinpoint since your circumcision surgery cost depends on various factors such as age, m edical history, type of surgery, etc. Call us today to get a personalised cost breakdown.

Your journey with Aapka Care Health

Frequently asked questions:
How much does circumcision cost?
Costs for laser circumcision surgery in Pune vary from person to person with their medical history. The type of facility, the surgeon’s experience, the type of foreskin condition treated, the cost of the medications, and the cost of diagnostic testing, if any, all affect this pricing range.
Where can I get the best phimosis treatment in Mumbai?
If you have phimosis, you can come to our phimosis treatment hospital in Pune to receive the best and most efficient care possible. Our specialists have years of experience in conducting circumcision surgery without significant risks or side effects.
Is Circumcision a major surgery or minor surgery?
The procedure is quite simple. In infants, with a quick process that just takes a few minutes, a medical professional will remove the foreskin from the head of the penis and cut it off. The procedure to remove the foreskin from an adult takes about 20 minutes.
What is the recovery time of Circumcision Surgery?
Your penis typically needs at least 10 days to recuperate following the circumcision. Most likely, it will be recommended that you take at least a week off work to heal.
What are the advantages of circumcision surgery?
Circumcision Surgery has some health advantages such as good hygiene and reduced risk of urinary tract infections and other infections.
What is the preparation required for circumcision surgery?
Clean shave the pubic area (adult man). If you have local anesthesia eat and drink as per normal.
Who are the best surgeons for circumcision surgery?
The surgery is performed by a Urologist or a general surgeon.
Does circumcision surgery cause pain?
Like any surgical procedure, circumcision surgery can be painful. However, using anesthetics and painkillers might reduce discomfort. These can be useful both during and after the treatment.
Is laser surgery more painful than open surgery?
No, laser circumcision causes much less pain compared to an open procedure as it includes minimal incisions or stitches. Compared to more traditional methods, laser circumcision is also quicker.
What are the indications for a circumcision surgery?
Paraphimosis, Balanitis and balanoposthitis, Phimosis, Trauma
Is immediate sexual intercourse possible after the procedure for circumcision surgery?
After the surgery, it is recommended to wait for at least three weeks.
Can prolonged foreskin problems cause cancer?
No, until and unless your initial symptoms are diagnosed. This is a medical emergency you should consult your doctor when you find initial symptoms like swelling and inability to move your foreskin properly. Immediate treatment is required to prevent significant problems like limited blood flow to the penis.
What characterizes phimosis from paraphimosis?
When a person has phimosis, the foreskin around the penis’s tip is retractable. When a person has paraphimosis, their foreskin retracts but it is fixed in that position.
What are the complications and risks involved in circumcision?
Bleeding and infection are the most frequent side effects after circumcision. Anesthesia-related side effects are also possible. In rare cases, circumcision may cause issues with the length of the foreskin. For instance, the foreskin may be cut too long or too short. If that is the case, the foreskin may not heal correctly. Minor surgical intervention may be necessary to prevent the residual foreskin from reattaching to the penis.
Are there any pre-circumcision preparations that should be taken?
Before having a laser circumcision in Pune, no particular advice or safety measures are suggested by doctors. But depending on your health and medical requirements, your surgeon could advise you to take some precautions.
Would circumcision decrease the chances of urinary tract infections?
Yes, circumcision decreases the chances of urinary infections. Males have a minimal risk of developing urinary tract infections.
How to prepare for circumcision?
Before the circumcision, the doctor will explain the risks and benefits of the procedure. The doctor will ask for your consent to fix the date at your convenience. You’ll likely need to provide written consent for the procedure. You would be advised to take a day-care rest in the recovery room
What are the alternatives to circumcision?
There are a few alternatives if you are not a candidate for medical circumcision or do not want to have surgery.These consist of daily stretching of the foreskin. Stretch the foreskin in both directions in the front and the back using baby oil or Vaseline several times. For a month, perform this stretching twice daily. Topical lotions can be applied directly to the skin and steroids are frequently used to treat phimosis. All of them are non-surgical alternatives. Consider the following if you need surgery but not a circumcision: Preputioplasty, Frenuloplasty, Anterior slit
What is the cost of laser circumcision surgery in Mumbai?
The cost of laser circumcision surgery varies with the evaluation of the medical history of a patient and other tests in Pune. However, this price range depends on other aspects, including the type of hospital, the
What is phimosis?
Phimosis is the condition when the foreskin of the penis gets too tight and can no longer be pulled over the head (glans) of the penis. It occurs frequently in uncircumcised males. Adult phimosis frequently has uncomfortable symptoms and demands medical attention. The issue is typically not a natural condition that develops in adulthood. Rather, there is an underlying reason that needs to be addressed.Phimosis in children and the young is typical if it is not accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms. The foreskin is often linked to the head of the penis in newborns and young boys. The vast majority of the time, this goes away entirely on its own, but if it doesn’t, surgery might be required. However, if the youngster exhibits signs like uncomfortable urination, phimosis may be present.
How does phimosis appear?
A tight band of the foreskin may form around the glans (tip of the penis) in cases of phimosis, which frequently hinders complete retraction.
Is circumcision surgery in adults harmful to their skin?
No, circumcision in adults is not harmful to their skin. However, healthcare professionals disagree on the issue of circumcision in healthy males. One of the numerous advantages of having an intact foreskin, according to some, is a more natural sexual reaction into adulthood.
How long does post-circumcision recovery take in adolescents?
Healing could take three weeks. The youngsters will normally be discharged from the hospital on the same day as the procedure. Children should stop intense exercise at home while the wound heals. With time, pain and stiffness reduce. If bleeding starts within the first 24 hours following surgery, apply pressure to the site with a clean towel for 10 minutes.
How do you take care of a circumcised penis?
For the first day or two, if there is a dressing on the incision, change it frequently. Until the penis heals, keep it dry and change the diaper, even after the dressing is no longer required. This may lessen discomfort brought on by the penis rubbing against or clinging to the diaper. A circumcised penis typically needs 7 to 10 days to heal. At first, the tip could seem a little bloated and red, and you might see a little blood on the cloth. After a few days, you could also detect a faintly yellow discharge or crust. This is a typical aspect of healing.
Post circumcision, when should I meet a doctor?
Call your doctor straight away if you experience any of the following issues: Either persistent bleeding or diaper rash (more than quarter-sized), Expanding redness, Fever, Various indications of infection, such as blisters filled with pus or worsening swelling or discharge, After the circumcision, not urinating properly within eight hours
Is immediate sexual intercourse possible after the procedure for circumcision surgery?
After the surgery, it is recommended to wait for at least three weeks.
Why trust Aapka care Health for circumcision surgery?
Aapka care Health provides trusted facilities with the best clinical outcome. Circumcision is the most common treatable, and curable procedure. We are here with a convenient circumcision surgical journey. Aapkacare Health is your ally as you work to improve your own health and the health of your family and friends. Aapkacare Health helps people choose the best surgical option for their medical condition and is dedicated to providing high-quality care at an affordable price. To give its clients the best care possible, Aapkacare Health has multiple clinics, together with numerous partner hospitals and 200 surgeons. For common maladies including piles, kidney stones, hernias, anal fissures, and other medical issues, Aapkacare Health offers world-class care. Additionally, Aapkacare Health assists in obtaining simple financing, such as no-cost EMI choices, and manages insurance claims and other paperwork throughout the entire process until post-surgery recovery. Our mission is to improve access to high-quality healthcare and make it convenient, inexpensive, and available to all people.
Does Aapkacare Health have its own hospitals?
No, Aapkacare Health is only a platform provider. It does not own any hospital. Aapkacare Health works in partnership with other hospitals. It uses doctors and surgeons from the hospitals or independent qualified surgeons to perform the surgeries, leveraging the medical infrastructure of the partnered hospitals.